Hacking and Securing LoRaWAN Networks

LoRaWAN is becoming the most popular low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) open standard protocol used around the world for Smart Cities, IIoT, Smart Building, etc. LoRaWAN protocol has “built-in encryption” making it “secure by default.” This results in many users blindly trusting LoRaWAN networks without being diligent in assessing security concerns; the implementation issues and weaknesses can make the networks vulnerable to hacking.

Currently, much of the cybersecurity problems of LoRaWAN networks, are not well known. Also, there are no available tools for LoRaWAN network security testing/auditing and attack detection, which makes LoRaWAN deployments a vulnerable target for attackers.

In this webinar, we'll explore the current cybersecurity problems, including the possible attack scenarios, and provide useful techniques on how you can detect them.

| webinar air date: April 22, 2020  



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